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Bewicks wren taking a dust bath to harass external parasites

House wren peeking out from her nest

She was quick to catch prey for her young ones

House wren

Common Yellowthroat

Anna's hummingbird

Anna's hummingbird

Anna's hummingbird


Cedar waxwings visiting our garden

Cedar waxwing


Cedar waxwing

in dispute with lesser goldfinch

Cedar waxwing

Bushtits collecting nest material in the garden. Here flannel.

Bushtit collecting collecting spider web

On another day a male bushtit  arrived

A fierce fight between the two bushtits took place

The fight between them continued until the intruder flew away

Female Bushtits gathering at the fountain


Lesser Goldfinch, an immature

Bluebirds, juveniles


California Towhee with a snack


Spotted Towhee


Meadowlark right on  track

Western Meadowlark




Yellow-rumped warbler


Yellow-rumped warblers. They all went for the turquoise  berries.  Wonder why!


Lesser Goldfinch


Loggerhead Shrike is a predator though not a raptor. It may catch small rodents and birds and large insects.


Loggerhead Shrike

White-crowned Sparrow


White-crowned sparrow

White-crowned sparrow, juvenile

White-Crowned Sparrow, juvenile

White- crowned sparrow, juvenile

Golden-crowned sparrow

House finch taking a bath


Gossip at the fountain. Young house finches and a titmouse



House finch family


House finch, male



House finch courtship


Chestnut-backed chickadee


Ash-throated flycatcher




Marsh wren

Black Phoebe

Great-tailed Grackle, male

Grackle, female

Kingfisher, male

Kingfisher, female


 Yellow-rumped warbler




Titmouse in nest cavity


Robin collecting lunch for his babies





Red-winged blackbirds


Brewers Blackbird


B. Blackbird walking along the Pacific Ocean looking for food

Song sparrow at Martinez Shoreline


Song sparrow 

Song sparrow  


Song sparrow 



 Lark sparrow

Tree swallow


Tree swallow


Tree swallow


Tree swallow with its own feather

Violet-green swallow


Barn swallow

Mourning dove


Mourning doves


Mourning dove


Varied Thrush


Acorn woodpecker


Acorn woodpeckers


Acorn woodpeckers


Acorn Woodpecker examining a cavity


Nuttall woodpecker

Northern Flicker

Beautiful from any angle


Northern flicker, female


Downy Woodpecker


Downy woodpecker


Nuttall woodpecker


Nuttall woodpecker feeding her young


Young Nuttall woodpecker looking for Mom or Dad

Nuuttall woodpecker feeding his young


Nuttall feeding his impatient young








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