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I captured these white pelicans in the San Francisco Bay Area, everywhere from Martinez to Lake Merritt and Lafayette Reservoir.

White pelican in Lafayette Reservoir


White pelican at Martinez Shoreline

White pelican. The wingspan is 9 feet

Pelican & cormorant

White pelican & Common Merganser


   White pelicans and cormorants.   Shall we take off together?


Pelicans and double-crested cormorants in Lake del Valle


The ancient ones, going back at least 100 million years

White pelicans at Del Valle Lake

  White Pelican at San Pablo Reservoir

White pelican


White pelican & gulls

White pelicans


White pelican

White pelican


White pelican: One can't look        dignified all the time



               White pelican


White pelican



White pelican



White pelican with a fish in the beak


White pelicans lined up in Lafayette Reservoir


White pelicans on a fishing party at the Martinez pond. Stirring up the mud to get the prey out.

White pelicans swallowing the fish

  White pelicans in a family photo-op

White pelicans on a peaceful afternoon


A Pelican with some privacy


White Pelican




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