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The files below are for my students at Diablo Valley College Physics 130

Two books I have written:

The book "Dancing With Maya" is available at Amazon ($24.99)

Dancing With Maya

 You need an Amazon Kindle reader app for your PC, Mac, or Android devise. It is available for free at the same Amazon website location where you get the book.

The book Vision of Life is available at Amazon as e-book:


A century after Einstein.pdf

Aliens Cause Global Warming.pdf

Syllabus and essential steps used  in the first lab

are in the file:

0DVC130 Sp16

Office Hours in PS 137: Monday 10:30-11, 1:30-2; W: 12:30-1, 3-3:30; T, TH: 10:30-11, 12:15-12:45; F: 7-8 pm  e-mail

Online office hours: Friday: 7 to 8 p.m.; e-mail fredmaya@pacbell.net

Midterms on Mondays: Approximately every 5 weeks from the first Monday, For details check the syllabus.


Student SLO's:

Objectives/SLOs for PHYS130 - Physics. Students will be able to...

A. Identify the forces acting on an object.

B. Draw free body diagrams for objects.

C. Apply Newton's laws, at the calculus level, to solve problems involving static equilibrium and accelerated motion in one and two dimensions.

D. Apply the appropriate skill sets, at the calculus level, to problems involving conservation of energy and/or momentum, fluid flow, and rotational motion.

E. Apply the appropriate skill sets, at the calculus level, to problems involving simple harmonic motion and oscillations and waves in elastic media including sound waves in air



Download the six files to the right after our first meeting. 

ch 01 homework.pdf If you have serious problems with this homework you may want to enroll in a Phys 129 class instead of a Phys 130 class.

dvc/0_130 Lab template.docx

00_130 Lab1 presentation of labs


Download for the calculation of uncertainties, used in labs and homework problems. This contains the material of the first lecture. You need it for the first homework. ch 0 Uncertainty Calculations.pdf
Formulas and constants to know in your sleep. ch 01 introductory formulas.pdf

Files based on the lectures and corresponding to the various chapters. Download them as we proceed from chapter to chapter in the order of the files.

I keep making changes as we go along to reflect what I taught you in my lectures. It is important to download these files, print them out, and study them during and after we have covered the material in the class. Much of it uses a more powerful and abstract approach to physics.The more time you spend working with these files and understanding them the better you will be in the class.

Below are copies of the lectures:

Lecture 1 uncertainty

Lecture 2 Kinematics1

Lecture 3 Vectors_circular

Lecture4 Vectors_Circular_Cross_ Proj









Lecture11_Conservation of E



Conservation of Energy Lab







M3 Fall15_solved

Lectures For Midterm 3: (Starts at the end of Lecture 17)








M3 Fall15_solved

Material for the first midterm, chapters 1 to 6 Giancoli,  Newton's law of universal gravitation or Kepler's laws in chapter 6 of Giancoli. The midterm covers all the topics and problems discussed in class and discussion sessions. We revisit gravitation later for the second midterm.

ch 02 Kinematics.pdf

dvc/ch 02 homework.pdf

In chapter 3 we cover vectors, projectile motion, circular motion, relative velocity and relativistic velocity:

ch 03 Vector calculations.pdf

dvc/ch 03b circular motion.pdf

dvc/ch 03c relative velocity.pdf 

dvc/ch 03 homework.pdf

dvc/ch 03b homeworkProjRelCirc.pdf 

In chapter 4 and 5 we cover Newton's laws of motion:

 dvc/ch 04 homeworkNewton1.pdf

dvc/ch 05a homeworkNewton2 CircularCor.pdf 

In chapter 6 we cover Newton's law of gravitation, circular and Keplers's laws.

dvc/ch 06 coriolis plane.pdf

dvc/ch 6 hwGravityPart1.pdf




Material for the second midterm, chapters (7,8,9,10,11,12 in Giancoli) covering Energy/Work, Linear Momentum, Rotational kinematics, and dynamics, angular momentum, static equilibrium ch12, gravitation (lectures and homework for gravitation are contained in files starting with ch13.....)


dvc/ch 07 homework.pdf

ch 07 and 8 rel + power hw answers.pdf

ch 07&8a work pathint vect op.pdf

dvc/ch 08 homework.pdf

Linear Momentum and Center of Mass:

dvc/ch 09 center of mass RocketProp.pdf

ch 09 collisions problems.pdf

dvc/ch 09 Momentum relativistic energy.pdf

dvc/ch 09 homework.pdf

Rotational Motion, torque, angular momentum:

dvc/ch 10 homework.pdf

dvc/ch 10 11 torque L tensor work rolling.pdf

dvc/ch 10 11 torques and work rolling L top tens I.pdf optional

dvc/ch 11.homework.pdf

Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, Kepler's Laws:

Chapter 13 = chapter 6 in Giancoli. We cover many more aspects of gravitation than are covered in the book by Giancoli.

dvc/ch 13 homeworkGravity.pdf

dvc/Formulas M2.pdf

The files below on gravitation provide you with material covered in the class but not available in the Giancoli book.

ch 13 Gravitational Energy integrate ellipse.pdf (instructive but optional)

ch 13 gravitational force and potential.pdf

ch 13 Gravitational force on a point inside a spherical shell.pdf

ch 13 Lab for gravitational force students.pdf (not applicable for the current F12 class)

dvc/ch 13 Elliptical motion.pdf (optional but instructive)


dvc/M2a F11 130solved.pdf (Contains formulas provided)

dvc/M2 F12 130solved.pdf

Additional problems are contained in the M3 midterm examples from below.

ch 13 work relativistic E p Schwarzschild.pdf (for your interest)


Midterm 3 covers  chapters 12 through 16 in Giancoli.

Chapter 12 deals with static equilibrium:


dvc/ch 12 hwStatEquil.pdf

The next chapter deals with fluids, it is chapter 13 in Giancoli,

dvc/ch 13  hwFluids.pdf

The next chapter deals with oscillations, chapter 14 in Giancoli, ch 15 in homework and handouts.

dvc/ch 15 hwOscillations.pdf

dvc/ch 15 oscillations problems+sol.pdf

dvc/M3 GiancoliFormulas.pdf

ch 15 Complex Oscillations.pdf

Chapters 16, 17, 18 in my file references deal with waves and sound. In the text by Giancoli, they are compressed into chapters 15 and 16. I lecture on all this material. Download the files and study them.

dvc/ch 15 -16 waves sound doppler.pdf

dvc/ch 17-18 interference dse standing groups.pdf

dvc/ch 16 hwWaves. home work-1 on waves

dvc/ch 17 homework.pdf ( homework 2 on waves; sound and Doppler homework)

dvc/ch 18 homework.pdf (Interference of waves homework)

dvc/ch 18 homeworkSol.pdf Ch 18 homework + Solutions

dvc/M3a F11 130solved.pdf

dvc/M3a Sp12 130solutions.pdf

The next file shows how you can calculate diffraction, it is not part of the program in phys 130. It is just for your own fun.

dvc/ch 18a interference dse diffraction.pdf


 5 problems similar to those in  midterm-3  will be on the final.

Below you find practice tests and formula reviews for the midterms, and the final.



dvc/M2a F10 130Sol.pdf

dvc/M2a f05 130solutions.pdf

M2b f05 130solutions.pdf

M3a Sp06 130a solved.pdf

M3a Sp06 130practice.pdf

M3bSp06 130b solved.pdf


ch 001-18 Formulas review for final04.pdf

ch 15 oscillations problems+sol.pdf

ch 18 FormulasM3.pdf

ch 18 Review of FormulasM3.pdf


dvc/Formulas final 2010.pdf

dvc/FIN f04 130 solutions.pdf

dvc/FIN F04 130a solutions.pdf

dvc/FIN sp04 130a+solutions.pdf

FIN formulas provided.pdf

FIN sp04 130a+solutions.pdf

dvc/FIN F10 130Solved.pdf



The book "Dancing With Maya" is available at Amazon ($24.99)

Dancing With Maya




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