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Pintail couple




Female Pintail


Pintail, female


Pintail, male

Pintail, female



Ring-necked duck, a pioneer


His wife joins him


More ducks arrive to get  on board


The board is tipping forward


But the balance is soon restored with the help of everyone

Ring-necked duck couple

He must have been joking 


Red ring around the neck

Don't you think about it !


If only they could whistle

Ring-necked duck & fleeing Turtles


Cinnamon teal


Cinnamon teal couple

Cinnamon teal


Cinnamon teal


Cinnamon teal


Cinnamon teal


Cinnamon teal


Cinnamon teal



Green-w. Teal, female


Green-winged teal, male


Green-winged Teals


Green-winged teal

Blue-winged teal

American Wigeon, female

Wigeon, male

Wigeons, male & female


American Wigeon, male


Surf scoters are in the category of sea ducks



Male & female


Surf scoter, female



Enjoying each other's company


Two out of  3 Mallard hybrids



Common golden-eye, female, breeding


Common golden-eye, female


Golden-eye,  females


Common golden-eye, female breeding


Common Golden-eye, male adult


Bufflehead, female


Bufflehead, male

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waterskiing is part of courtship

Bufflehead males fighting

Bufflehead in pursuit of the girl



Buffleheads, male& female

A happy Bufflehead couple

Male & female Buffleheads

Bufflehead putting the breaks on


Wood duck, non-breeding

winter plumage


Wood duckling


Greater scaup, female


Greater Scaup

Mallard duckling

mallard duckling

Mallard ducklings



Mom and her ducklings


 This Asian duck showed up in California Dec. 8-2011. It is a falcated duck common in China. It is also found in N. and S. Korea, Japan, and sometimes in Alaska's Aleutian Islands. It has settled down in the Colusa National wildlife Refuge.

This duck got hot on a female American Wigeon, but her male partner fought off the rival and all ended in peace- for now.  The falcated duck is a celebrity admired by thousands of birders. He sure enjoys it.

Asian Falcated Duck


Asian falcated duck


Asian falcated duck



Asian falcated duck & American Wigeon



Asian falcated duck & American Wigeon



Asian falcated duck & American Wigeon






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