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Spectacular Gulls and Terns 

 Western Gulls feeding and tending  to their chicks at Point Lobos.

Western gull chick

Western gull chicks getting food

Western gull chicks

Western gull chicks being fed

A week later the  Western gull chicks are testing their wings


Western gull chicks


Western gull chick in its shelter, an abandoned boat.  An additional chick is hidden. 

The next photo is taken 2 weeks later


   One parent is on the roof at all times to protect the youngsters.  

One of the young  gulls one week later


The young ones can fly and permitted me to take a family photo

Thoughtful Ring-billed gull


This gull must be a relative of Jonathan Livingston.



It is such a privilege to watch their fantastic flying skills.

Ring-billed Gull


Western Gull


 Shark for breakfast at the Martinez shoreline.

    A lucky gull for now

until a juvenile claims the crab


A sight you often see



Gulls cannot dive under the water because they are not designed for it. Some of them  have therefore found a compromise :

 They jump about 1 foot straight up in the air and then plunge down in the water head first.  In that way they may reach a prey located at a deeper level.


Western gull taking a nap


Bonaparte's gull at Zmudowski


State Beach Park in winter


Looking for prey


Western Gull


hunting crabs


brought in by the waves

Heermann's Gull in winter plumage

Heermann's Gull

Heermann's Gull

Heermann's Gulls

Heermann's Gull & Western Gull

Heermann gulls


Heermann's Gull


Heermann's & California Gull, Juv


Heermann's gull,  juvenile


Heermann's Gull looking for prey


Heermann's Gull


Heermann's  Gull among sea lions

The tide was particularly low that day. The ocean critters were exposed to the many hungry shorebirds. So when a juvenile gull caught a small octopus a prolonged fight broke out among the gulls to get it.

Look at the second photo and you will see that the arms of the octopus are strung around the Gull's beak.  So who caught who?


Juvenile gull found the octopus

The adults Pursue  the youngster

The juvenile looses its prey when they get into a fight

and a new pursuit starts over and goes on and on . We don't know if the octopus survived in the end.


This young California gull was fascinated by the bundle of straw. Perhaps there was a small prey within it.


Western Gull


A Western gull finding a starfish


Herring gull with a starfish


Heerman's Gull Juv. taking off from the Sealions platform


  Caspian Tern


Caspian tern


Caspian Tern


Elegant Tern making a turn


Elegant terns taking a bath


Elegant terns


debating something

or proposing ?

Elegant tern

Elegant tern

Elegant tern

Forster's Tern


Forster's Tern after a dive


  Two young ones waiting to be fed


They  can fly, but not yet  hunt for   fish

Tern parent coming by


Tern parent and a young


A skimmer and Ring-billed gulls


Skimmer, coot, and Ring-billed gull.







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