Next Step  A book of Art and Poetry by Margrete Heising and Fritz Wilhelm.

By Margrete Heising (artwork) and Fritz Wilhelm (poetry).

Published originally in 1981 in an edition of 2,000 copies

ISBN 0-931290-57-0

 This book contains 49 poems and lino cuts available for $15.


(Click to read the philosophical Introduction  to Next Step.)

Below find a list of poems and prints: You can view all poems by clicking here. Click on the images below to see them enlarged. Sizes (in inches) and prices for some examples are shown below the titles. Prices range from $25 to $85 for prints of sizes 8"x11" to 19"x19". To view all images go to Prints1 Next Step.

Tree of Life and Death

tree_of_life_and_death.jpg (112503 bytes)

16"x16"; $135


reflections.jpg (88572 bytes)

18.8"x18.8"; $110

Alone Together

alonetogether.jpg (69647 bytes)

16"x14"; $155


Follow Me

follow_me.jpg (86380 bytes)

14"x19"; $99

Life on Earth

life_on_earth.jpg (85640 bytes)

38"x38" (four pieces); $595 


hibernation.jpg (65979 bytes)

11"x14"; $68

Next Step

next_step.jpg (95150 bytes)

16"x16"; $125


friends.jpg (80153 bytes)

7x11; $45

I am that I am

Love1 I am 1975 lr.jpg (28611 bytes)

6x9; $45


A limited number of this book of art and poetry "Next Step" is available for $15 plus $5 shipping and handling.

For your order click (11"x8.5" format, acid free paper 105 pages with 49 images;)

To see more oil paintings; To see more lino-prints

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