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 Whales, Dolphins, and Sealions at Moss landing


We  were riding with Captain Kate on her RIB and the dolphins were all around us. They crisscrossed in front and below the boat, so that we could have taouched them if we reached out. On this same occasion we saw spectacular displays of Humpback Whales feeding together, breaching, tail whagging and fin flipping.
Kate's Boat 
Dolphin at Moss Landing  Dolphins at Moss Landing      
Whales feeding together  These two whales emerged a few feet away from a jetty at Moss Landing, at the wall of the underground canyon. The whales are attracted by the abundance of anchovies. They dive deep and come up together herding the fish in front of them. For days on end a few of the whales came very close to the shoreline as well, maybe to within 150 feet, staying at the edge of the deep water. You can see the tongue of one Humpback whale with his mouth wide open.     Kayakers can come close to the whales, who seem to take great care not to hurt them.

A good thing for the Kayaker that the Humpback did not fall back on him. 

Breaching for fun


 Two whales enjoying themselvees.


This one shows his blowhole and barnicles.

The whale watchers in the boat missed this one.


Sealions are often seen in broils where they are taking a siesta together, with their heads popping out of the water. 

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