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Dancing With Maya:

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Embracing the Power of Non-certainty

Between Freedom and Illusion.

The Creation and Transformation of Realities Through Thinking.

Indian Maya, Tibetan Tantra, And Quantum Theory:

Metaphors of Dialectic Harmony.

Sensuality and Spirituality: Shiva-Shakti, Yab-Yum, Yin-Yang

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The book discusses topics of the cultural history of many Asia and Europe, actually showing the migration of ideas from East to West, from the Matriarchal to the Patriarchal civilizations. I delve into ideas of Tantra-Buddhism, quantum physics, and mathematics with emphasis on the relationship between the knowable and the unknowable. I use many provocative images from the Buddhist and Hindu world which should raise the curiosity of even the most study averse student (I hope).
propose a new approach to human thinking and behavior, all using the uncertainty model of quantum physics as an inspiration.
What can we know, what can we hope for, what should we do?
There are no answers or recipes for a better life in this book but many, as I think exciting, new avenues.
This book has an extensive bibliography, glossary, and index. It lends itself as additional and totally unusual study book for many different areas: history, psychology, religion, physics, mathematics, English. It is a demanding book but that could be used as a source for some assignments and essays. I have used it in some introductory physics classes to show the students the larger picture from the Big Bang to the quantum jumps in an atom.


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