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 River Otters and Sea Otters

We have several families of River otters in our immediate area around Concord, Ca.
River otters are beautiful mammals, totally at ease in their wet environment. They are also elusive.  One moment they pop up their head and next moment they are under water and show up  far away  from where you hoped they would show themselves again. I feel lucky to have had the chance to take pictures of them. The photos here is a small selection of what I have on file.

Mom  caught a huge fish

Enough food for every one


Eating  a Blue Gill fish

This family lives in the Cosumnes River Preserve


Kissing in the water

 Enjoying the sun after the fog lifted

River otters at Heather Farm Park

River otters at Heather Farm Park




Sea otter at Moss Landing .caught a crab


This gull stayed around to get some tidbits of the crab


The sea otter ribbed  off one leg at a time


and crunched the hard parts with the molars


A couple in love


Rule #1: Keep hands & feet dry


Sea otters resting and grooming

Darn, I forgot my sunglasses

Absolute bliss




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Last modified: July 22, 2012