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 Assorted Animals

Turkey Vultures are quite spectacular birds. They are also nature's cleanup crew, preventing nasty bacteria from spreading.

Turkey vulture

Turkey vulture

Turkey vulture

Turkey vulture


Turkey vulture

Turkey vulture


Turkey vulture



Turkey vulture


Quails are common in the foothills of Mt. Diablo.


Female quails.


Quail. Their calls can be heard from afar

Turkey vulture



Wild Turkey


wild turkeys strutting their stuff


a sight to behold

Cliff swallow nests


I photographed these Ring-necked pheasants on Staten Island road which leads right through very rich farmland.

The pheasants are quite illusive and I have only been able to photograph them  twice. 


    Alligator Lizard      Fence lizard



Two Pond turtles & one Red-eared slider


Pond turtle family

A most attractive plank for turtles

There is always space for one more


A coot and a turtle is good company



Medusa Jellyfish (sea jellies)


There was a huge number of them and these photos

show some  we were  watching  for a while.


They were very lively, interacting with each other.


They were actually mating the way jellyfish do, which typically

ends with death. We saw it happen while watching.

Rattlesnakes, gopher and king snakes, and other snakes live in our hills though mostly well hidden. My wife and I almost stepped on this rattler.   Tarantulas may be seen when crossing a trail, but Fall is the time when they are out and about to look for mates. This is the best time to observe them.


Western Rattlesnake




Garter snake



 Many different species of dragon flies populate any area where there is a body of water. They rarely hold still. 


Bluets caught in the act




Common Whitetail Dragonfly


Cardinal Meadow hawk Dragonfly

Common Green Darner

Meadowhawk Variegated Dragonfly

Walker's Darner Dragonfly


 Bee on Watermilfoil

   Bees on flowers 


Bee on apple blossoms


Honey bee

 Mantis_022w.jpg (267330 bytes)

Preying mantis




Tarantula hawk


Bee on Sunflower

 This needs another sunflower or hummingbird on the flower.    














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