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 Physics 230


Microsoft Office software:


 Office Hours in PS137: M: 10:30-11, 1:30-2; T:1:30-2; W:10-11, 12:30-1; F:10:30-11; 12:30-2

 Important Note to all students:

The Book we use is Serway, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 7th edition.

Objectives of the course:

 Students will be able to:

A.  Understand the underlying principles of thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism.

B.  Apply these principles using methods of vector-calculus where applicable.

C.  Have a fundamental understanding of the roles of thermodynamics and electromagnetism in our universe and environment.


First lab: Introduction into the use of Word and EXCEL, as well as Math-type

230/DVC230 S10.pdf

230/230 Lab1 presentation of labs W03.pdf

230/230 Lab1 presentation of labs W03.docx


 Uncertainty calculations handout

Other lab handouts:

 230/230 ch19 supp1 uncertainty calculations.pdf

230/230 ch19supp2 Vector operators.pdf

230/230 Lab2 mech equiv.pdf

230/230 lab3 calorimetry.pdf

230/230 Lab4 Maxw09 students.pdf

230/230 lab5 electric field.pdf

230/230 lab6 equipotentials.pdf

230/230 lab7 resistors in circuits.pdf

230/230 lab8 R and RC.pdf




Homework assignments:

230/ch19 homework.pdf

230/ch20 homework.pdf

230/ch21 homework.pdf

230/ch22 homework.pdf




230/ch23 homework.pdf

230/ch24 homework.pdf

230/ch25 homework.pdf

230/ch26 homework cap.pdf

230/ch27 homework.pdf



230/ch29 homework.pdf

230/ch30 homework.pdf

230/ch31 homework.pdf

230/ch32 homework.pdf

230/ch33 homework.pdf

230/ch34 homework.pdf


230/ch19 temperature ideal gas law.pdf

230/ch20 First Law of Thermodynamics.pdf

230/ch21 Kinetic theory of gases.pdf

230/ch22 Heat engines entropy 2nd law.pdf


(First Midterm)


Electrostatics and DC currents:

230/ch23 electric field.pdf

230/ch24 Gauss law.pdf

230/ch25 electric potential.pdf

230/ch26 capacitance.pdf

230/ch27 current.pdf

230/ch28 DC circuits.pdf

(2nd midterm)

Magnetism, ac circuits, e.m. waves

230/ch29 magnetic fields.pdf

230/ch30 Biot-Savart Ampere.pdf

230/ch31 Faradays law.pdf

230/ch32 Inductance RLC circuits.pdf

230/ch32 Complex Oscillations.pdf

230/ch33 AC circuits.pdf

230/formulas M3.pdf

(Third Midterm)

230/ch34 Maxwell EMW Poynting.pdf


Practice midterms

230/M1P 230 f07 solutions.pdf

230/M2P 230 f07.pdf

230/M3P 230 f08.pdf

230/M3P 230 Sp08.pdf Practice wo answers

230/Final 230 F07 Practice.pdf


230/formulas final.pdf

 Files of general interest dvc/A century after Einstein.pdf

dvc/Aliens Cause Global Warming.pdf


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