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The files below are for my students at Diablo Valley College, physics 120. Download the files as explained in the class.

  Office Hours in PS 137: Monday 1:30-2, T, TH: 12:30-2; F:12:30-1; 7-8 e-mail

Online office hours: Friday: 7 to 8 p.m.; e-mail fredmaya@pacbell.net

Objectives of the course:

First semester college physics for Life Science majors and others. A lecture and laboratory study of mechanics, heat and sound.

Objectives/SLOs for PHYS 120. Students will be able to...

A. Identify the forces acting on an object.

B. Draw free-body diagrams.

C. Apply Newton�s laws to solve problems involving static equilibrium and accelerated motion in one and two dimensions.

D. Apply the appropriate skill sets to problems involving conservation of energy and/or momentum, fluid flow, and rotational motion.

E. Apply the appropriate skills sets to problems involving simple harmonic motion and oscillations and waves in elastic media including sound waves in air.

F. Apply the appropriate skills sets to problems involving thermal physics.


Microsoft Office software: Word, Excel

We use the book: 

Physics:Principles With Applications, by Douglas Giancoli, 6th edition.

(Either as separate volumes or as one single volume.)



120/0DVC120 F12.pdf

120/0DVC120 F12.pdf This is the syllabus I hand out in the first hour.

Download all the following files and print them out. Put them in a folder and have them ready.

120/120 Lab template.docx You can download this and use it for your lab reports.

120/ch 0 Lab1 use of Word 120.pdf You will need it for the first lab.

120/ch 01 introductory formulas.pdf For the first discussion session

120/ch 01 homework120.pdf For the first discussion session


First lab: Introduction into the use of Word and EXCEL, as well as Maththype  

120/ch 02-120 Kinematics.pdf

120/ch 03-120 Vector calculations.pdf

120/ch 03-120 Vector calculations.pdf


Uncertainty calculations handout 120/ch 00 P120 uncertainty.pdf Part of the first lecture, possibly.

120/Using the Calipers-1.pdf You use this for a lab when we learn how to measure densities.

 Solved first practice midterm:


Formulas for midterm 2:

120/Formulas for midterm 2.pdf

Formulas for midterm 3:

120/M3-120Formulas ch11-12Giancoli.pdf



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