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The files below are for my students at Diablo Valley College, physics 111. Download the files as explained in the class.

  Office Hours in PS137: M 1:30 to 2; T, TH: 12:30-2; W:12:30-1; 7-8 e-mail.

Tuesday: Phys 111-1722; Thursday: Phys 111-1715

Syllabus for both sections is be


Online office hours: Friday: 7 to 8 p.m.; e-mail fredmaya@pacbell.net

Objectives of the course:

Objectives/SLOs for PHYS 111- Physics. Students will be able to...

A. Perform and observe experimental laboratory work which demonstrates important principles of physics.

B. Develop the ability to explain the results of experimental laboratory work using mathematical and intuitive reasoning.

C. Develop the ability to independently analyze specific physics problems within the realm of this course and apply the acquired knowledge to new situations.


Microsoft Office software:



111/0_111 Lab template.docx

111/00_111 Lab1 presentation of labs.pdf





First lab: Introduction into the use of Word and EXCEL, as well as Maththype


Uncertainty calculations handout ch 00 P111 uncertainty.pdf

111/Using the Calipers-1.pdf


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